Each employee is

Our support too.

Meeriad helps you stay ahead of any potential issues and provide
proactive support to your employees.
Invest in your team
1€ invested in the well-being of your team can bring you up to 6€. 1
Share of sick leave due to mental health. This is double from 5 years ago. 2
14 310€
This is the cost of a disengaged employee (maintenance of salary, interim, loss of productivity). 3
Of managers don't know how to support a member of their team in difficulty. 4
Every level of the company must be involved
Our curated content is bite-size and accessible at all time for all users
Train your managers to be more empathetic, supportive and prepared for difficult conversations
Well-being in your company needs to be measured to be improved
For your employees
A tailor-made program
Everyone's path to better mental health is unique. This is why Meeriad adapts to everyone: being able to talk to someone, access advice, do more physical activity or even encourage meetings between colleagues are some of the solutions used.
For your managers
Training and awareness
Your managers are on the front line to spread a corporate culture that promotes the development of all. We train them to manage difficult situations, and make them aware of adopting the right posture, for them and for their team.
For the HR team
Support and follow-up
We help you to implement a well-being policy that meets your expectations and to measure its impact. We support you throughout the year to assess and adapt to each situation.
Thanks to Meeriad who supports us thanks to a great partnership which provides the Eni team with yoga and sports lessons by professional athletes, guided meditations to limit stress and anxiety, sleepcasts to ensure a good night's sleep. dream, personal development podcasts and posture exercises to adopt the right posture while working from home! Go and discover Meeriad, they deserve to be known :)
Nathalie Monin
Human Resources Director
We gave GEODIS employees the opportunity to test the Meeriad application for a month last summer. Feedback is unanimous. A simple, useful, motivating, inspiring application. Especially in these difficult times, where taking care of your body and mind is essential. A big thank you to the entire extremely professional team who made it possible to ensure the well-being of our teams.
Nathalie Kunsch
Group Learning Manager
Meeriad is a very complete app. From yoga to pilates and fitness, Meeriad has been able to help me maintain a sporting rhythm despite the restrictions linked to COVID and the closure of gyms. I am very happy to have been able to experience this, and objectively think that Meeriad has a very bright future ahead of her! Kudos to the team.
Executive Office Manager
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