Why Meeriad ?
Quality of working life matters
Quality of working life is defined as "an approach aimed at combining employee performance and well-being." QWL is therefore based on concrete actions on the HR side with tangible indicators, the main ones being turnover, absenteeism and the employee net promoter score. By investing in a good QWL policy, you act directly on these indicators with a measurable ROI.
it is the cost of disengagement and non-availability per year and per employee
of employees would like their company to implement a QWL program
Problem : the vast majority of QWL policies end in failure because of a low engagement rate
With Meeriad, make your QWL policy a success with a commitment rate of 85% thanks to a complete, fun and concrete solution.
A solution created for everyone and able to meet the different expectations of your team members.
A fun, non-stigmatizing solution used on a daily basis by your team.
A solution for 4 key challenges: mental and physical health, cohesion and the skills of your team.
The benefits with Meeriad
A complete, concrete and fun solution.
Improve team cohesion
A friendly and positive working atmosphere improves the commitment of your teams and managers.
Reduce stress and anxiety
Relaxed employees will be more productive individually and collaborate more effectively.
Fight against physical inactivity
"Sitting is the new smoking". Help your team to be more active so they can give the best of themselves at work.
Detect ill-being at work
Key information and data to prevent psycho-social risks and take actions upstream.
Develop soft skills
Encourage your team to continue to learn to avoid routine.
Save time
Deploy a concrete QLW policy in no time and automate many tasks.
Reasons to trust us
Created by experts
All our contents are created by experts.
Built for and by users
The needs of your company and your employees are at the heart of our concerns.
Simple and inclusive
On mobile or desktop, our platform has been designed for all.
Data-driven analyzes
Access real-time data and reports based on your data.
Support and follow-up
Our team supports you in the success of your projects with the platform.
An agile team
Our development team is continuously improving our product to always be as close as possible to your needs.

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