Attract and retain your talents with a better wellness program approach

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Succeed in your “Talent Management” strategy

Did you know that in 2018, 54% of employers invested in wellness programs? These investments have allowed them to realize nearly 2.2 times more profits than companies that have not implemented a Talent Management policy. *

Meeriad enables you to improve your employer brand and retain your talent by reducing employee turnover.


Retain your talents

Workplace well-being is one of the major keys to attracting and retaining talent. It is an integral part of the strategy of modern successful companies. The implementation of a work life quality policy creates pleasant and stimulating working conditions for your employees. *

Meeriad is an excellent, comprehensive and easy-to-implement tool that will help you retain your talent by ensuring your business success


Improve your employer brand

33% of candidates said they would categorically refuse a job in a company with a bad reputation. Moreover, candidates are demanding a wage supplement of at least 5% to work for companies with an unattractive employer brand. *

Meeriad allows you to improve your employer brand to attract and retain your talent.

* LinkHumans.

Make your company a success

Your employees are your best assets, and at the heart of your company’s success.

Thanks to Meeriad’s support, you benefit from a turnkey solution to invest in the development of your team, and in their well-being.

Attract and retain talent with the most complete wellness solution in the market

The Meeriad app provides your employees with hundreds of wellness programs: physical activity with yoga classes, fitness workouts, posture correction exercises, but also guided meditations, personal development, and programs to reduce stress and sleep better.

Boost your team’s cohesion

Collaboration within your team is central to the success of your business. Meeriad helps you animate and motivate your team with the creation of sport-focused collective activities that help your employees build strong relationships and encourage them to succeed at challenges in a collective and fun way.


The best and most complete wellness offers for your employees!

Meeriad supports startups in implementing an effective and powerful wellness policy

Whatever your startup’s stage of development, Meeriad provides your employees with the most comprehensive wellness solution on the market, to boost the motivation and cohesion of your team, and ensure the success of your business.

A real source of motivation for the whole team, the teachers are great, the app is really pretty. My favorite of the year

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Invest in

the well-being of your employees!

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