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Train your team on conflict management

A disagreement over a decision, a project, or an email? Working together can sometimes be a source of friction, and possibly conflict. So how do you manage a conflict situation when it arises?

A key competence in business

We have all experienced, at least once in our lives, a situation of tension and opposition with others, full of emotions such as anger, frustration, grudge, jealousy, etc. Conflict management is a key competence in business to resolve and defuse conflicts, and thus improve cohesion and life at work.

The importance of a program for employees

Managing a conflict is an extremely important skill for the well-being of employees and for the quality of life at work. Mastering the de-escalation mechanisms avoids the prolongation and aggravation of conflicts due to tensions, nervousness, etc.

Investing in a conflict management program has a positive impact on the happiness and well-being of employees, for example :

  • Recognizing and defusing a conflict situation
  • Controlling emotions to limit tensions
  • Maintaining control in all circumstances
  • Developing skills in active listening, negotiation, etc.

Interest in the company

Investing in a conflict management program allows your employees to:

  • Managing conflicts to limit stress and pressures
  • to reduce absenteeism
  • Reduce psychosocial risks
  • And to have more control over his emotions

A personal development program on conflict management is an effective and simple way to learn some mechanisms to foster healthy communication. It’s also a way to :

  • Provide an internal, timely and effective response
  • Reducing stress and suffering at work
  • Limit sick leave
  • Promote a healthy work environment and calm exchanges
  • Develop new human and managerial skills

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