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A comprehensive wellness App for your employees
Meeriad allows your employees to access hundreds of courses where and when they want (including without internet)!
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Reduce stress and anxiety
Meeriad helps your teams relieve stress and manage anxiety through meditation, breathing aids, and themed podcasts.
Practice an athletic activity
Meeriad offers dozens of professionally guided sport programs. From yoga, fitness, pilates or postural work, Meeriad encourages sports.
Improve team cohesion
Meeriad allows each of your employees to create an event to get together. Whether it's going for a run or taking a yoga class together, Meeriad improves team cohesion.
Develop soft skills
Meeriad offers dozens of thematic podcasts to develop interpersonal skills. Courses include exercises on Non-Violent Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and many more!
Improving Sleep and Nutrition
Meeriad helps you fall asleep through meditations and music, and provides the keys to good nutrition in dedicated podcasts.
Recommended contents based on your objectives
Each employee can choose between improving their habits, managing their emotions better, improving their sleep or being more active.
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Our inclusive approach centered around 6 thematics allows you to cover a maximum of your team's expectations

Tailor-made courses by experts

Katalina Szewczyk
Personal Development
Katalina is a certified awakening and mindfulness coach. Polish-Canadian manager, multilingual, Katalina is inspired by joy and creativity, as well as by our power to consider each circumstance of life from a new angle and to choose once again lightness and courage rather than fear.
Sarah Recher
Sarah is a meditation coach and helps you align your energy through meditation and personal development
Véronique Pascard
Certified by the French Federation, Véronique created the yoga studio YOGAttitude where she teaches dynamic Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga and aerial yoga. The common thread of her classes: mobilize, stretch and gain gently with postures in motion or static.
Geoffroy Goudeau
Personal trainer, former professional handball player, STAPS license, swimming trainer (BEESSAN), kite-surfer, comfortable on land, in water and on water, Geoffroy is a hybrid athlete. He loves to pass on his passion for sport and his taste for effort to others.

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