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  • Physical activities with Yoga courses, workouts, or exercises to improve your posture
  • Guided meditations, personal development, or programs to help reduce stress and sleep better
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Boost your team building

  • Meeriad encourages people to practice sport together to unite your team.
  • Get access to hundreds of yoga and fitness classes at home, and be guided by professional athletes
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Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Meeriad helps your team reduce stress through meditation and mindfulness
  • Access dozens of guided meditations to help you sleep better, reduce anxiety, or relax
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Develop your softs skills

  • Access hundreds of podcasts to develop your team’s competencies and soft skills
  • Get access to courses on Non-Violent Communication, Emotional Intelligence, or Leadership
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87% of employees expect their company to play a role for their well-being, according to a study by Malakoff Médéric.

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