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A real source of motivation for the whole team. The teachers are great and the app is really nice. This is my favorite of the year and I am not the only one, our employees each use it at their own pace.
Matthieu, Marketing Director
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Since we started in Meeriad, a number of people have started or are getting back to sport. They come more by bike or on foot than before, for example. It motivated us all to adopt a better routine, mindful of our well-being and our environment.
Alexandra, Store Manager
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Meeriad is a very complete app. From yoga to pilates to fitness, Meeriad has helped me maintain a sporting pace despite restrictions related to covid and closing gyms.I am very happy to have been able to experience this, and objectively think that Meeriad has a very bright future ahead of her!Well done to the team.
Valentine, Executive Office Manager
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I have had back pain for years. Thanks to Meeriad, I improved the way I stand at my workstation, while doing exercises that take me less than 10 minutes a day to relieve pain and release tension. I have much less pain. My teams were also able to return to sport thanks to Meeriad and I am sure they are feeling much healthier.
Laura, Team Leader
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Thank you Meeriad who supports us in this period. Thanks to a beautiful partnership which makes available to the Eni team yoga and sports classes by professional athletes, guided meditations to limit stress and anxiety, sleepcasts to ensure a dream sleep, personal development podcasts and exercises to adopt the right posture while working from home!
Go discover Meeriad they deserve to be known :)
Nathalie Monin, Human Resources Director
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We gave GEODIS employees the opportunity to test the Meeriad application for a month during the past summer. The feedback is unanimous. A simple, useful, motivating, inspiring application. Especially in these difficult times, when taking care of your body and mind is paramount. A big thank you to the entire extremely professional team who made it possible to ensure the well-being of our teams.
Nathalie Kunsch, Group Learning Manager
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