Yoga : What benefits for sportspeople

June 5, 2020 By Meeriad FitnessYoga

While the COVID-19 containment is ending, many of us just got into sports activities because we are more fat than we used to, or just because we need to go out and release energy because we were not able to since a few months. But since the body is not accustomed anymore with exercising, it can be easier to hurt ourselves or be tired quickly.

And what if yoga was able to boost your capacities and make your training more easy to do and more efficient. Because even though they look very different, they still have similarities and complete each other. 


  • Better your posture : Yoga helps better posture and back alignment. It is a good way to prevent wrong moves and physically hurt yourself while training.



  • Strengthen your muscles and articulations : Some activities always require the same muscles. Using them constantly can shorten those muscles, while yoga will tend to extend them. You will gain both flexibility and elasticity, which is very important for articulations.


  • Strength and endurance : Muscles’ endurance will significatively be better and you will be more resistant to efforts. This is important because after such a containment, we can quickly feel tired while exercising.


  • Better mental strength and ability to focus : We know how easy it is to say “I give up, it’s enough” when doing sports. Finding the necessary mental strength is not as easy as it looks. Yoga helps you to deal with stress and focus on what you are doing, to fully appreciate and be good in your sports sessions. 



  • Impact on your performances : When working on your flexibility, endurance, ability to focus, coordination and balance, you are mixing everything that is needed for your body to be at its best and better your performances. 


  • Breathing : Who never had a horrible stitch when training? It is generally due to breathing. Since yoga is also about controlling and using your breath in different ways, it allows you to reduce stitches. Your sports sessions will be way more pleasant to you now.   

If you are looking into performances or simply make your workouts or activities more simple and pleasant to you, it turns out that yoga is a very good idea for it. Try some before your next sport sessions to see if you enjoy it. You may feel the difference through the next weeks and months on your ability to exercise.