Yoga Nidra, how to enhance your quality of sleep

June 5, 2020 By Meeriad SleepYoga

Yoga Nidra, how to enhance your quality of sleep

Yoga Nidra, also known as the “sleep yoga” is based on self development and well-being. Nowadays, many of us face problems when it comes to sleep, because society puts a lot of pressure on everyone and creates stress that is sometimes hard to manage with. 

Exercising this form of yoga does not only help you have a better quality of sleep but your physical and mental health as well. You can basically compare it to sophrology benefits. This practice does not require your physic at a big level, everyone can get into it, and we highly recommend you to practice yoga if you are facing problems such as stress, low quality of sleep, bad moments, or feeling physically low. 

This yoga’s benefits :

  • Enhance quality of sleep : You get yourself in a deeply relaxed mood to feel emotionally and physically light while going to sleep. 
  • Take care of yourself : Letting your problems overwhelming you can get yourself into depression or at a high level of anxiety. Practicing it 45 minutes can be compared to a 2 hours sleep.
  • Deal with emotions : Finding a connection with yourself will help you release stress. Focusing on something else will make you forgive your daily problems for a moment.
  • Gain energy : Letting your problems go to find peace with your body and mind will make you stronger through the days. In addition to this, turns out you are more awake when practicing it before other activities.

How to practice it :

Practice it lying on the ground, try to feel relaxed and start to control your breath. Don’t try to fall asleep, but just to release everything and focus on your body and mind. Think about positive memories that you have or simply situations you would appreciate.

If you really want to get into it, we recommend you to first practice through videos and tutorials. Try Meeriad’s yoga feature to know if you will appreciate yoga and then go for it!

If you do not have that much time to exercise yoga, then you can try the Sleep feature that will probably help you to fall asleep.