Why is mental health so important to us 

June 5, 2020 By Meeriad MeditationPersonal Development

Mental health includes our emotional, social and psychological well-being. It is so important nowadays to take it in consideration because it basically impacts every aspect of our lives. A good mental mental health provides you such happiness and fulfillment that anyone should work on it. However, a bad mental health provides you anxiety, stress, tiredness and creates worry.

Fighting our mental health can be difficult, either because you faced a trauma or because it is biological. But you all can get better or even recover completely from it to make a big turn in your life. 

Pinpointing the signs that probably created a bad mental health 

We generally know or feel it when we are feeling bad. But a part of the process to improve your well-being is about knowing precisely what is the reason you feel this way. Sometimes, there is clear signs, while sometimes, these signs are hidden and should probably be taken in consideration :

  • Suddenly eating or sleeping too much or too little
  • Pulling away from those or what you usually like
  • Being fed up with everything that is happening or having mood swings
  • Having thoughts that overwhelmed you consistently 
  • Yell or fight on someone you know for no good reason

Those are just a few ones that usually happen, but there is more. Once you notice changes in the way you are or act, it is important to find a way to clear your mind to get back into a good mental health. 

Ways to maintain a good mental health

  When you are feeling low, don’t just wait for that feeling to go. Act the best way you can to create a change to get a positive mental health. Here are a few tips that can probably impact your daily life while applying them. 

  • Start meditating to get rid of the negativity, stress and anxiety
  • Connecting with people to interact and talk about your feelings
  • Get professional help if it is needed
  • Work on personal development to encourage positivity 
  • Try to be physically active instead of staying home too much

Wellness, what impact for me?

Wellness is all about releasing problems and focusing on positivity. Having a good mental health does not necessarily mean you don’t have any problems, but that you are strong enough or helped in a way that makes you keep forward.

Don’t feel shy to try new experiences such as meditation or personal development that can help you relativise and feel better. Remember that improving mental health is all about time, prioritize long-term results instead of being hurried. And once you will get into it, this will create an amazing change for you.