What time to practice sport ?

June 5, 2020 By Meeriad Fitness

What time to practice sport ?

Most of us practice sport. Either to get fit, release stress, be in better health or just because you are passionate about it. Being assiduous is important, but when should we do sport? In the morning? Afternoon? Night? It actually depends on what you are expecting from your sport session. Benefits may change depending on the time you practice.

Morning sport : what benefits?

If you are into losing weight, this is the perfect moment for you. Practicing sports in the morning boost your metabolism, and a high metabolism consumes more calories. In addition to this, studies have shown that it helps avoiding snacking during the day, which helps losing fat. 

Morning sport is also a good way to keep yourself awake along the day because of the hormones your body releases. And according to the Appalachian State university research, practicing in the morning makes it easier to sleep at night and enhances your quality of sleep. 

A tip that we can provide you is to be fasting while doing your morning workout. This way, your body will consume your fat reserves instead of what you just eat. But be careful to keep something to eat in case you are feeling low. 

Sport during the day: Which mistakes to avoid?

If you are the kind of person that has a busy day, doing sport during lunch break can be ideal. It can even help if you are surrounded with stress while working. But what you should be careful about is to not eat a fat meal just before you start, you may feel like you want to throw up while practicing. If you feel like your stomach is empty, just have a small snack to eat 1 hour before your workout. 

If you are not this hungry, it is ok to do your sport and eat right after. Try to provide proteins to your body in your post-workout meals.

Sport at night: It depends on the hour

Doing sport at the end of the day is a good way to release all your work stress and pressure. According to research, practicing after 4pm seems to be perfect because your body had the time to digest your lunch. It looks like it is a good idea to have an intense workout from 4pm to 7pm. But be careful because right after 7pm, it might block you from sleeping or degrade your quality of sleep.

As we said, sports at night depend on the hour, but keep in mind that doing it before sleeping is not a good idea because of the stimulating hormones that your body will release.

Doing sport at the end of the day is the best moment if you are looking for strength and performances. This is the moment when your body is at its maximum. As a reminder, like for sport during your lunch break, eat your meal after your workout. 

What hour for you?

Every moment in the day is worth it. It actually depends on what you are expecting from your sport session and on your availability as well. Establishing a routine and train at the same hour every day is more beneficial. If you hesitate, just try them all and choose what’s in it for you.