The Meeriad guide to coping with COVID-19

June 5, 2020 By Meeriad FitnessMeditationPersonal DevelopmentYoga

The Meeriad guide to coping with COVID-19

Coping with the coronavirus, the lockdown, and isolation isn’t easy.  Many people feel overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, and loneliness. Addressing mental health at a time of a global pandemic isn’t easy. Our life, routines, and habits are all brought under question, we’re asked to stop living – living as we know it.  This challenging time is also a means to question how we do things, how we interact with others, how we work, and a time to re-discover ourselves.

Whether alone or not, being under lockdown has surely taught you one thing about yourself. Maybe that you work better at home without the pressure of the office, or maybe that you can’t cope with being alone as well as you thought.  

Social media, and all our new forms of connection has taught us that we are never alone, we are always in constant communication.  Some of us have even forgotten the importance of dropping our phones and going to see our friends face to face.  Ultimately, with isolation we all have learned that the internet does not replace the intrinsic pleasure of being surrounded by the people we love. 

Our busy lives, with constant work, pressure, ups and downs, have taught us to never be bored. Being bored in the 21st century is often synonymous to having lives and activities that feel meaningless.  But what if we told you that boredom is good for mental health? Daydreaming, wandering, provides an escape from our day-to-day life.  The latest Harvard study on being bored showed that participants feeling bored had an increase in creativity, engaging in tasks such as painting or drawing.  

Why are we mentioning this? 

Being isolated and in lockdown is the perfect opportunity to get back to the basics. For example, painting and drawing.  We all pick up crayons or chalks as toddlers, but at some point when we get older, we stop drawing. Psychologists point out the benefits of drawing, which brings out empathy in people, enhances creativity, memory skills, attention, and naturally boosts happiness.  So why not take the time to simply have fun, and let our mind wander. 

There are many ways to cope with the coronavirus, ways to remain calm while taking care of our mental health at home. For example, with Meeriad, you can take care of yourself and discover our programs of yoga, meditation, personal development, and fitness. If you’re feeling lonely, and don’t know how to be by yourself, you can check out our personal development program “Loneliness: learn how to see loneliness as a strength rather than a fear.” 

Why not try to see this challenge as a way to take care of ourselves and indulge in activities we often say we don’t have time for. Most of us never really have the time to pick up a good book and read, we often don’t have time or are too tired, and the weekend we usually go out. 

Why not try also to engage in a daily sport activity. This is the perfect time to try yoga, something you’ve been wanting to do for a while but never got around to it.  A study by researchers from the University of South Australia, Kings College London, and Western Sydney University has shown that yoga has reduced anxiety, stress, and feelings of depression in many households in lockdown. On top of being beneficial, Meeriad offers beginners to advanced yoga lessons! 

We at Meeriad encourage everyone to take this time to fight against feelings of isolation, anxiousness and stress by taking time for ourselves through both mental and physical health. By proposing an all in one app, we wish to help everyone through this challenging journey. Ultimately, we will all learn from this experience, whether about our world or ourselves.  Learn how to appreciate the simplicity of your home, the simplicity of the moment and the boredness you might endure, sometimes the most challenging times brings us the most empowering lessons.