The link between your inner core and outer core

June 5, 2020 By Meeriad FitnessMeditationPersonal Development

The link between your inner core and outer core

What if meditation could get you as fit as going to the gym, would you meditate instead of working out? Sure, this might be a bit of a stretch, but your inner core is the key in getting noticeable results on your outer core. Meditating alongside your ab workout could become your new routine, and we’ll tell you why. 

The practice of ‘noting’

We often end up, sometimes multiple times during the day, in a stressful situation. For example before a presentation, our thoughts are typically quite negative, telling us we might make a mistake, wandering about everything that could go wrong. At that precise moment, the technique of noting becomes extremely useful. Notice your thoughts and what is happening, ‘note’ this negative thought and understand it is only anxiety speaking. Administering a ‘note’ in these stressful moments brings you back to the present moment by realizing that our mind is distracted and wanders off in a negative space.  

Healthy, from inside out 

 Science and research communities continue to examine the correlations between stress hormones and amounts of body fat.  Studies such as the Longitudinal Study of Ageing have shown that people exposed to long-term stress tend to have higher body mass index than those with less constant stress. This study was done over 2,500 men and women over the age of 50 in England, where cortisol was measured through hair strands. 

On the long-term effects of stress in our modern society, high and consistent levels of cortisol are associated with many health problems like anxiety, depression, obesity and in general weight gain, or heart problems.  This is why decreasing you stress levels is so important for your general health, and your inner core is key in building the outer core you wish. 

Less self-sabotage 

If you’ve ever embarked on a fitness journey but couldn’t follow up, you know exactly how it might feel to miss out a day or two of fitness and feeling really bad. Meditation can help in situations when we try to build a routine or achieve a certain fitness goal, it’s all about being patient with ourselves. Meditation can improve your self-compassion skills, which means being less critical and kinder to ourselves.  It’s important to dismiss all the negative thoughts we might have about ourselves, this is key in setting up success in every area of your life.  

Other bad habits 

Meditating can also help you quit other bad habits due to high stress, for example stress eating. A study on mindfulness and stress eating by the US national library of medicine showed that incorporating meditation techniques significantly reduced stress eating. 

This was also paired with a reduction in their bodies reaction to stress – a reduction of cortisol responses triggering food cravings. And as concluded, meditation thus helped reduce fat in the long term.  

There is a huge link between our inner and outer core, our motivation and willingness comes from inside, which is why it’s so important to workout our inner core as well.