Stress and engagement 

June 5, 2020 By Meeriad Personal Development

Do you feel stressed at work? And do you know how much of your workforce is stressed? These are the questions that should come at the priority of any enterprise, because stressed workers are less engaged, have reduced productivity, with higher levels of absenteeism. 

In 2011, the American Psychological Association conducted an online survey of 1,564 working adults. Among these adults, more than one third responded that they usually felt tense or stressed during their workday, ranging from a stress level of 8,9 on a 10 point scale. 

While stress has mistakenly been accepted as normal in the workplace, stress workers have shown to be less engaged, with lower productivity, higher levels of absenteeism, and staff turnover.  On the economical counterpart, corporations and enterprises have seen higher healthcare costs in stressed workers, costing businesses billions of dollars. 

It is important to take a step back to understand how we can counterbalance the stress-level in businesses. This is why companies, like Meeriad, aim to invest in the well-being of workers, by offering wellness solutions with science-backed training. 

For example, at Meeriad we believe that meditation is an extremely powerful tool to reduce stress, having a significant impact in the workplace.  Being accessible to everyone through our app, meditation helps to regulate emotions, making us more resilient and improving our stress biomarkers. 

Alongside meditation, we strongly believe that personal development is a keystone in improving the way we handle stress, and the way we unconsciously put ourselves in stressful situations.  This is what sets us apart from the rest, offering both a solution to the output of a situation, such as stress, and a solution to limit inputs that create stress. 

Our personal development programs enable self-regulatory behavioral strategies, used alone or alongside guided meditation, it is a superpower against stress in the workplace. 

Normalizing wellness, and taking care of the mind, should be the priority on all agendas. Our app-based journey into wellness and personal development gives the opportunity for employees to focus on themselves both at work and outside of work. It is important to encourage conversations of well-being, because when managers support wellness initiatives, employees feel supported and at ease.