Sleeping’s impact on our behaviours and attitudes

June 5, 2020 By Meeriad FitnessPersonal DevelopmentSleep

Sleeping’s impact on our behaviours and attitudes

We already know that a low sleep time is often linked with low productivity and learning-disabled. But it does have an impact on our mental health because it acts on our behaviours within at work or on social interactions.

How many of us sacrificed sleep over other life aspects? Who doesn’t sleep late to end a project to submit, partying or even binge watching another episode of the new amazing series that you have just discovered? We generally don’t realize how reducing our sleep time acts, even for an hour or two. 

In addition to this, doctor and writer for the Huffington Post Chris Winter have notified that stress and sleep are closely linked : “Stress prevents sleep. Lack of sleep aggravates stress and its consequences”. Which creates a kind of vicious circle for our body.

While stress concerns most of us, low quality sleep has an impact on other aspects of our lives. And even though sometimes we don’t immediately realize, it changes our behaviours, and it is most of the time about these next ones : 

  • Humor! Remember last time you had a bad sleep. What did you feel when you woke up? Enthusiasm? Inspiration? In facts, it is generally closer to irritability than happiness. 

Research has shown that quality of sleep and humor are closely linked. So, think twice before you start the last episode of Game of Thrones.  

  • Ability to focus! It is more difficult to reflect, solve problems or take decisions after having a short night.
  • Procrastination! We all have a busy life between our job, studies, social life, household tasks, cooking that we miss time to rest and relax. So, when we feel overwhelmed, we are more inclined to postpone activities that would probably help us feel in better health.

As we said, there is most of the time so much to do in 24 hours that it is hard to keep the body up and in great shape. But here are a few advices that we can provide you to enhance your health and sleep :

  • Try to sleep and wake up at the same hours every day. Being regular helps the body to create a routine and find the strength for it.
  • A short nap of 20-30 minutes during the afternoon can be very efficient, don’t make it too long, because it can create drowsiness. This will help you be more productive for the rest of the day without disrupting night sleep.
  • Avoid being on your computer, phone or television before sleeping. Screens make your brain awake while you want to sleep. You can for example listen to a Meeriad sleep song or history and close your eyes to make it easier. 

Low quality sleep has impacts on our daily lives. But we are not telling you to stop partying or having night activities that you enjoy. But to take in consideration that thanks to some simple tips, your nights can be more pleasant to you and that you will stop being this tired. So in fact, you will have more time to practice activities you appreciate.