How to be motivated to start exercising

June 5, 2020 By Meeriad Fitness

How to be motivated to start exercising

We all have excuses to avoid workout. You are probably tired, stressed out, lazy or it is just too cold outside. Being motivated for a workout is not that easy. But once you get into it, you most of the time enjoy being physically active. We are not talking about running a marathon every day, it is just about a 20 to 30 minutes workout, and it is not necessarily every day!

We will try to give you through 5 tips the energy that it takes to motivate yourself to workout and stop procrastinating. Because we usually spend a lot of time reading on how to do exercises or even looking at before/after person’s body pictures. But when it comes to leaving our comfortable couch, it is way more difficult. Time to get into it and turn sport into a pleasant moment! 


  • Schedule your workout 


Scheduling your workout is really important, because you will not have excuses such as “I don’t really have the time for it”. Consider these sport sessions as time for yourself and your fulfillment. As we said, it is just about giving yourself 20 to 30 minutes in a day to help your body feel better but most of all help your mind feel better too.


  • Prepare your outfit


Preparing an outfit is a good way to motivate yourself to workout because it feels like it is a special event in your day and makes it different. Getting a nice sport outfit is not this expensive and will get you excited about using  or wearing it. From colors to black, choose something that matches your tastes. 

Once you have your outfit in your closet, get dressed! It’s the best way to be into it, there is no turning back. 


  • Music


Having a music playlist that you enjoy can be really helpful while working out. Actually, it does not really take time to create it. As an example, you can prepare in the transports while going to work or coming back from it. Using music can bring a rhythm or give you the extra satisfaction/happiness that it needs to fully enjoy your sport routine. 


  • Try it with friends


This advice is not necessarily valid for all of us, because we either want to do sport alone or simply not doing it in front of people. But we recommend at least to try it with friends or with a group sport. This can be very  motivating because it combines sport and social time. And in addition to this, you can be sure that they will fully support you to push through a tough workout. An extra bonus of working out with others is that it gives you the feeling that you are all sweating together and that you are not alone expecting for a better physical and mind health.


  • Variety helps being consistent 


Variety keeps motivation up because you will not feel bored of doing the same activity every single day. From cycling, to a run or a workout, the essence of it is : doing sport. Using Meeriad can be helpful because it proposes many different sport activities and allows you to follow up your progression through workout and sport statistics. 


  • Extra advice


The extra advice that we can provide you is trying to eat healthier. In fact, it has been shown that fat and high-sugar food don’t bring you the energy it needs, and so it makes you feel tired, lazy and not motivated. I think that we can all agree that after a burger, we are more into sitting on the couch than doing sport.  

Motivating yourself to workout is hard at the beginning only. Because once you get into it, you will feel healthy and completely fulfilled. To appreciate your workout routine while starting it, learn to not focus on the results shown by the scale or the mirror but to focus on enjoying the moment you are giving to yourself. In this way, you will be consistent and long-term results will come right with it.