Are you more into meditation or yoga?

June 5, 2020 By Meeriad MeditationYoga

Are you more into meditation or yoga?

It is not always easy for a beginner to get the difference between meditation and yoga. But even if they both have benefits for mental and physical health, they are still different. Are you more into meditation, yoga or both?

Whether you are stressed, overwhelmed or just looking for a relaxing break, you could certainly benefit from practicing yoga or meditation. These two methods have in common to give relaxation and awareness of the relationship between body and mind. But what to choose? Postures or slow breathing, get to know which method is best for you.


  • Meditation 


Meditation is based on breathing and consciousness. It allows the body to release both physical tensions and stress. In addition to this, it gives you the strength to handle more easily what you have in mind and your daily problems.

It is simple to practice it, because meditation does not require anything but your body and breath. Which means that it is open for everyone. Meditation sessions such as the ones proposed in Meeriad are generally short. Giving yourself 10 minutes a day is enough to already feel the benefits from it. There are plenty of long-term results. You feel both more serene, physically relaxed, and making it a philosophy of life can bring you even more benefits.

But if you are not fond of meditation, you can also practice it in occasional stress or tiredness.


  • Yoga


The main difference between meditation and yoga is that the second one physically requires your energy. But don’t worry, it is open to everyone, even beginners. It combines physical and breathing exercises in its own way. The main idea is to bring calm and serenity by controlling your whole body and moves.

Yoga is not as easy as meditation to practice because it requires materials, physical investment and an outfit that allows you to feel free of doing every movement you want. 

The advice we can provide you is to start with a group course, so a coach can correct or give you tips to enhance your practice.

In long-term efforts, yoga helps you improve your flexibility, posture, physical strength and even mental health. This is why we can link it with meditation, it has an effect on your spirit and emotions.

What to choose?

It is up to you to decide. Do you prefer to free your body and mind by physical exercises or are you more into dealing with your emotions and stress? It also depends if you are more likely to go to a group course or practice alone. 

And what if you like or want to practice both yoga and meditation? Try both on Meeriad’s app to get to know yourself better and what you prefer.